Since 1995, InCourt Technologies ("InCourt") has provided
trial presentation and litigation support consulting services to many of the top trial lawyers and law firms in the Nation. We work with the best because we are the best. We blend creativity with a solid technical, litigation mindset.

Experience is critical when you are involved in high pressure situations. Our clients demand perfection and we do as well. With our extensive trial experience, we quickly assimilate into any case or venue and bring a unique perspective, wealth of knowledge and confidence to each trial with team we work with. In the courtroom, nothing replaces experience. InCourt has the trial experience necessary to help you present your case effectively and efficiently.

See how we can help you prepare and try a case.
Check out InCourt's full complement of services:

  • Pre-Trial Consultation
  • Trial /Courtroom Presentation
  • Legal Video Production
  • Graphics and Demonstrative Exhibit Design
  • Courtroom Presentation Equipment

Courtroom Audio Visual

Graphic Design

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